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Grand Slam Hall of Fame

Medallion Hall of Fame




Winner GP Second Place GP # players Tour #
201810Crystal Cup Advancedchuckler 2riki10161 2437806
201709Crystal Cup Advancedmarin100 1Clydemusmax0 3233773
201608Crystal Cup AdvancedIFeelADouble6 1riki1010 1632092
201509Crystal Cup Advancedfishslayer 1NightStallion0 3230952
201409Crystal Cup Advanceddavoudi 1verandazilla0 3227638
201309Crystal Cup Advancedthekidkicks 1_1_lil_redhd0 32527
201209Crystal Cup Advancedthekidkicks 1BRs_Sissa0 32931
201109Crystal Cup AdvancedHEAD_CASES 1brspunky0 3217502
201008Crystal Cup AdvancedPRO_Bdlerybrwn 1EU_IT_Eugenio0 321994
200908Crystal Cup AdvancedNightStallion 1swandog1100 326742
200809Crystal Cup Advancedlittlebeaver 2SmokeZilla1 7026653
200710Crystal Cup ChampionshipPRO_Rallyline 3EU_IT_Juventus2 9924811
201810Crystal Cup IntermediateEricDUFOUR 2hoofen1 3237807
201709Crystal Cup IntermediateBG_m0nsta 0PAL_GR_glikoula0 3233682
201608Crystal Cup Intermediatehgicquel 0PAL_GR_glikoula0 1632093
201509Crystal Cup Intermediatesajoma 0CO_BULLDOG0 3230953
201409Crystal Cup IntermediateRoute66 0ADG_Pepeu0 3227639
201309Crystal Cup IntermediateLitigolfer 0golfingmaster10 16528
201209Crystal Cup IntermediateTonedFlash 0ADG_Pepeu0 32932
201109Crystal Cup IntermediateLAT_Caroni 0Chas2u0 3217503
201008Crystal Cup IntermediateABC_Cooly 0Senar0 321993
200908Crystal Cup IntermediateNYCFuddyDuddy 0Englhauser0 326741
200809Crystal Cup IntermediateTSB_mosquetera 0unaccounted_for0 6526654
201810Crystal Cup Openpencentric_exec 2tuckin141 2437805
201709Crystal Cup OpenBRs_Ricardinho 2burnieboy1 3233933
201608Crystal Cup OpenHaRD4u 2Kanaya1 1732094
201509Crystal Cup OpenLAT_Ronald 2Helger1 3230951
201409Crystal Cup OpenTonyH 2Mrfunnybunny1 3227637
201309Crystal Cup OpenGreu 2Bariclaw1 32529
201210Crystal Cup OpenEU_IT_Juventus 2TonyH1 32930
201109Crystal Cup Openbrettsegler 2TUR_misin1 3217501
201008Crystal Cup OpenLAT_Ronald 2brettsegler1 321995
200908Crystal Cup OpenEU_IT_VIANG 2Then_What1 326743
200809Crystal Cup Openrufusgufus 3LAT_Ronald2 6526645
201808Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 12532632
201708Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 12333887
201508Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 16330950
201408Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 16127636
201308Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 171526
201207Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 183929
201108Crystal Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 20217504
201007Crystal Cup QualifyingQualifiers 0Qualifiers0 2211504
200907Crystal Cup QualifyingVarious 0Various20 2056744
200707Crystal Cup QualifyingQualifiers 0Qualifers20 27724810
201706Director's InvitationalMrfunnybunny 2AlonsoLuis1 6432088
201505Director's InvitationalTuckin14 2LAT_pipo11 5029533
201407Director's Invitationaljdg_ 2LDC_John19561 39525
201306Director's InvitationalBLEV39ACE 2Not_in_Kansas1 414954
201207Director's Invitationaljdg_ 2_Smack_Zilla1 414952
201106Director's Invitationalgersh 2LAT_Ronald1 256698
201008Director's Invitationalwuffers 2Dee_votion1 34955
200906Director's InvitationalBosn_Pintail 2PRO_vocateur1 326299
200806Director's Invitationalfnurt 3PRO_Rallyline2 3825888
200707Director's InvitationalLOROXXX 3jschothorst2 3224795
200609Director's InvitationalTheWheel 3Zox2 3223880
200508Director's InvitationalRonenon 3_piktout_2 3222555
200409Director's Invitationalwuffers 0Tchantches0 169884
201505Director's Invitational Consolationsturner 1TroyL0 4329532
201407Director's Invitational ConsolationKdoubleK 1EU_PL_niuniuch0 35524
201307Director's Invitational Consolation_Smack_Zilla 1LAT_Ronald0 37523
201207Director's Invitational ConsolationTroyL 1Mrfunnybunny0 364953
201106Director's Invitational Consolationjdg_ 1_Smack_Zilla0 236699
201008Director's Invitational Consolationfnurt 1surazal0 28954
200906Director's Invitational ConsolationAIF_Cyclops 2jschothorst1 286745
200806Director's Invitational Consolationjjjjone 2KdoubleK1 3425889
200707Director's Invitational Consolationbactide 2klau81 2924809
200609Director's Invitational ConsolationBRs_Dawgs 2LAT_pipo11 2023881
201312Gold Medallion Limitedcrashholly66 0BRs_Lu1_0 255210
201302Gold Medallion LimitedTermie 0nalivali0 205618
201112Gold Medallion LimitedTonedFlash 0BRs_Lu1_0 212736
201010Gold Medallion LimitedPRO_VBL 0EUROPA10 2526685
200912Gold Medallion Limitedduegigs 0PAL_GR_DINOS10 4727079
200811Gold Medallion LimitedPAL_USA_BabyMo_ 0PRO_Taylor_Ann0 3226675
200802Gold Medallion Limitedjudig3 0TM7_ACE0 3125261
200703Gold Medallion LimitedPassaliki 0Amaral0 2724244
200512Gold Medallion LimitedHEAD_CASES 0TUR_key0 9722543
200411Gold Medallion LimitedEU_CHc_MORGIEN 0TSB_mosquetera0 1389823
200312Gold Medallion LimitedBIG_TerrorifcJB 0AlmostDecent0 17221781
200912Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationTNT_happybear 0Saturnos10 2127080
200812Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationEU_IT_kornak 0rusty_370830 1426717
200802Gold Medallion Limited Consolationseftzan 0PAL_GR_FunnyFace0 2425262
200703Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationEU_GR_GIANNI1 0Xysk0 3924245
200512Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationBRs_axe 0_Hawk__Eye_0 1722636
200411Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationPAL_USA_BabyMo_ 0BRs_Puff_; peacewhit0 339824
200312Gold Medallion Limited ConsolationBIG_Dors99 00 13921782
201612Gold Medallion Openjjjjone 2LDC_John19561 10131013
201512Gold Medallion OpenMrfunnybunny 2sturner1 11431012
201412Gold Medallion Openpro_Rising 0obd_840 12729033
201312Gold Medallion Openjdg_ 2PRO_vocateur1 1405208
201301Gold Medallion OpenMrfunnybunny 2LarryG1 1415620
201112Gold Medallion OpenAIF_cyclops 2PRO_Viking1 1282734
201012Gold Medallion OpenLAT_Ronald 2gersh1 14717948
200912Gold Medallion Openbeloved_knight 3BLEV39ACE2 13026969
200811Gold Medallion OpenLAT_Ronald 3Bluebananas2 12826674
200712Gold Medallion OpenBAA_X44 3BRs_Teresa2 16725259
200701Gold Medallion OpenEU_BG_DimDragon 3p8er2 16124226
200511Gold Medallion OpenPLAYER55_ 3LarryBG2 32122470
200411Gold Medallion Open 0_piktout_0 4229821
200312Gold Medallion Openwuffers 3JetSilver2 3488480
200109Gold Medallion OpenBill_Robertie 00 12021228
201612Gold Medallion Open ConsolationCapivaro 1ryser0 7131887
201512Gold Medallion Open Consolationtajaf 0LDC_John19560 8131014
201412Gold Medallion Open ConsolationSupercrasch 0pencentric_exec0 8629032
201403Gold Medallion Open Consolationlittlebeaver 1TonyH0 865209
201302Gold Medallion Open ConsolationTonyH 1skeeves_revenge0 855619
201112Gold Medallion Open ConsolationLarryG 0LAT_pipo10 862735
201012Gold Medallion Open ConsolationKanaya 0VanillaGorilla0 11617981
200912Gold Medallion Open ConsolationBRs_Fabiano 1friesenjung0 7626970
200812Gold Medallion Open Consolationryser 0Lions_GORD0 9026681
200801Gold Medallion Open Consolationrufusgufus 0KdoubleK0 13725260
200702Gold Medallion Open ConsolationTonyH 1whittlesea0 11124227
200512Gold Medallion Open ConsolationThen_What 0Then_What0 10422544
200411Gold Medallion Open Consolationzouky18 0LarryBG0 2739822
200312Gold Medallion Open Consolationiluvsheesh 3rugcutter2 3208481
201712Life Masters'LAT_pipo1 2jdg_1 9134276
201612Life Masters'sturner 2EU_BG_Sandocan1 9631033
201412Life Masters'BAA_SnacksALOT 2tur_misin1 9129034
201312Life Masters'EU_IT_BluNick 0achilleas0 92530
201212Life Masters'TUR_mosmor 2EU_IT_Juventus1 795621
201112Life Masters'EU_GR_panospr 2LAT_pipo11 8517505
201012Life Masters'BAA_X44 2VIE_Trava1 7517887
200912Life Masters'wuffers 2Surazal1 4127006
200812Life Masters'wuffers 2PRO_Spiritual1 7626676
200712Life Masters'zouky18 2PRO_Rallyline1 7225321
200612Life Masters'lucky 2wuffers1 7524835
200506Life Masters'buzzor 3rayal12 7821795
201803Master CupPRO_GoldenPoint 2A_Kadayif1 11734565
201705Master CupTuckin14 2jjjjone1 11832845
201603Master CupPRO_VBL 3LAT_pipo12 13131034
201505Master CupTonyH 2Chas2u1 15929527
201405Master CupMrfunnybunny 2Brs_MrCool1 1405583
201304Master CupMrfunnybunny 2BLEV39ACE1 1594986
201205Master Cupfishslayer 2wuffers1 1603297
201104Master CupLAT_Ronald 2VanillaGorilla1 18317874
201004Master Cupcubehead 3rino9742 23326989
200904Master CupPRO_vocateur 3LAT_pipo12 2246297
200805Master CupEU_IT_Juventus 4rufusgufus5 24325877
200704Master Cupbeloved_knight 3bash_2 20424250
200604Master CupBAA_X44 5Zox3 17123174
200505Master CupEU_BG_DimDragon 5Bosn_Pintail3 43917398
200404Master Cup 3happyjuggler02 928866
200305Master CupGroutsos0 3Thedicercrooked2 1947026
200204Master Cupima_persson 5Ricochete3 26725033
199901Master Cup 0the_lieutenant0 2412934
199801Master Cupwaiting4nat 0androcles0 010714
201803Master Cup Consolationstroggs 2IFeelADouble61 7834566
201705Master Cup ConsolationPRO_vocateur 2EU_IT_Eugenio1 7832846
201604Master Cup ConsolationTuckin14 2EU_IT_VIANG1 9731035
201506Master Cup ConsolationPRO_Bdlerybrwn 0EU_IT_BluNick0 12329518
201404Master Cup ConsolationLDC_John 1Pro_bdlerybrwn0 9727640
201305Master Cup ConsolationEU_IT_BluNick 1Brs_MrCool0 1114987
201205Master Cup ConsolationTUR_misin 1URANIUM0 1243298
201105Master Cup ConsolationMrfunnybunny 1zouky180 13817875
201005Master Cup Consolationfnurt 0PRO_Viking0 17327002
200905Master Cup ConsolationSilentCal 0arabianhorse0 16127109
200805Master Cup ConsolationEU_IT_Terrible1 1TheWheel0 19325878
200705Master Cup Consolation__ZaHoViC__ 1BRs_Dawgs0 15618063
200605Master Cup ConsolationTheWheel 2EU_BG_DimDragon1 15123192
200505Master Cup ConsolationNoDbles 2_Jangler_1 34017399
200404Master Cup Consolationcoupe3_0 1moley0 478867
200305Master Cup ConsolationExxWhy 1Doublefour0 1337156
200204Master Cup Consolationmartenmania 2TheAnimal1 3125034
200001Master Cup Qualifiermulti 0multi0 715845
200001Master Cup Qualifiermulti 0multi0 3215844
200602Master Cup Qualifying Swissnumerous 0numerous0 6022729
201606World Cup Qualifyingmultiple 0multiple0 14232090
201606World Cup Swisspro_casey23 3burnieboy2 7032091
The GammonZone
Grand Slam

Grand Slam Hall of Fame

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Life Masters'

Crystal Cup

2018 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point

Open Winner     pencentric_exec
Second      tuckin14
Advanced Winner     chuckler
Second     riki1016
Intermediate Winner     EricDUFOUR
Second     hoofen


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Individual Results

Master Cup
2017 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point
Main Winner PRO_GoldenPoint
Second A_Kadayif
3rd/4th PRO_swil, PRO_Steve
Consolation stroggs
Second IFeelADouble6

Life Masters'
2017 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point
Main Winner LAT_pipo1
Second jdg_
3rd/4th Bariclaw, Tuckin14

Gold Medallion
2017 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point
Open Winner _Smack_Zilla
Second EU_BG_Sandocan
3rd/4th jdg_, gudgen

Director's Invitational
2017 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point
Main Winner Mrfunnybunny
Second AlonsoLuis
World Cup of Backgammon

2017 Champions
GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point  GammonZone Gold Point

Winner Team US: Captain pro_casey23, dorado11, Mrfunnybunny, sturner and Tuckin14
Second Team AU-ID-NZ: Captain burnieboy, chuckler, stroggs, thejman and TonyH
3rd/4th Team AR: Captain lastlady, chuny, Kanaya, lulu, quirquirincho
Team CA: Captain pencentric_exec, _1_lil_redhd, _Smack_Zilla, CapiCanuck, littlebeaver
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