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We love hosting, and we are proud to be the best hosting Team online!

We have fun times, we have serious times, we have difficult times, and we have easy times.  But hosting is always a challenge.  It takes commitment to backgammon.  It takes commitment to players.  But most if all, It takes commitment to the GammonZone family, because we will expect you to give back as best as you can the support, training, friendship that you will receive as a host on the GammonZone Team.

Are you interested?  Read on!

The first step in the process begins with your discussions with GammonZone's Lead Trainer and/or other senior Host(s) about you and your interests and skills, and what we, as a Team, can do to help you meet your personal goals as well as our common goals.  After this, you will begin your GammonZone Orientation

GammonZone Orientation

We will provide all the information you will need to learn to be a GammonZone Host.  Microsoft Excel is required.  If you have to buy this program, this is the only cost associated with hosting at this time.  

You should expect to spend at least 6-10 hours a week during your Orientation period, depending on your previous hosting experience level.  The Orientation usually lasts about 3 weeks, but can be done more quickly if you wish.

GammonZone Orientation is set up in two stages. 

The first stage will cover general topics that will ensure that you have all the tools and skills you need for preparing to become a Host.  You will have a primary GammonZone Guide to work with you during this stage.

The second stage will address specific hosting skills.  Initial sessions will be in a chat with your second GammonZone Guide, where you will observe tournaments and discuss appropriate topics.  As your understanding and skill increases, you will be designated as a GammonZone CoHost, and will be ready to assist the GammonZone Hosts in the tournaments.

As a GammonZone CoHost, you will be evaluated by other GammonZone Hosts.  Then when you are ready, you will receive a final evaluation from the GammonZone Director.  For this final evaluation, you will host a tournament completely on your own.

Of course, help and support are always available to you.  You will have a primary Guide, but any GammonZone Host will be very happy to answer questions at any time.


To apply to join the GammonZone Team, please fill out the form below.


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