IX.  Disciplinary Policies 

GammonZone expects that you will conduct yourself in a responsible and honorable manner.  This way everyone will feel comfortable while participating in GammonZone events.


1.  We Expect You To....

These rules cannot anticipate every eventuality, so if you do something that makes a GammonZone tournament unfair or unpleasant to others, and we believe that you should have known what you were doing was wrong, we may discipline you even if what you did doesnít break a specific rule listed in these policies. If we thought there was any chance you didnít know what you were doing was wrong, we will just give you a warning the first time.


2.  What If I Don't Follow the Rules?


3.  Sanctions Explained


4.  The Disciplinary Process

Although we cannot cover every possible offense, we have a table of disciplinary guidelines for certain offenses.



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