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Tournament # 35224
08/10/2018      0300 PT    Medallion Consolation    0 players
The GammonZone Host was Medallion Host Team

 WinnerSecond placeThird placeFourth place
Top 5 players by points
August,  2018

_Ratzilla_ 42
OkThatToo 28
Dark_Thunder 21
TUR_misin 20
stroggs 17
2018 YTD
PRO_LEW 4144
_Ratzilla_ 3063
stroggs 2833
LAT_Caroni 2687
pal_gr_glikoula 2683

Gammon Cup

July winner: jjjjone
Second place HaRD4u

Gammon Cup:

Sunday, August 19
at 11 am PT

at SHG

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Tournament of

July winner: PRO_Spiritual
Second place EU_IT_Eugenio

Tournament of

Sunday, September 09
at 11 am PT

at SHG

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