Scheduling Your Escalera Match 

Dear GammonZone Escalera player:

We want to remind you of certain important rules and procedures in the GammonZone Escalera Tournament, because it is very important that every player does his/her part in this tournament. First, you must play every other player - this is required, and you agreed to this when you entered the Escalera. Second, you must be flexible about scheduling a day and time to play.

Here are the best ways to contact your opponents and schedule the matches:

1. Between the first and the tenth of the month:

Until the tenth of the month, you may use Zone Messages. Sign in to the Zone and make sure your Zone Message is ON. Add all your opponents to your Friends list. When you see an opponent online, contact her/him to play right then, or set up another time soon to meet and play.

You can always use the Email Scheduling Form if you choose.

2. After the tenth of the month:

You must use the Scheduling Email Form on the Escalera website. You must give specific dates and times to play. Please use US Pacific time. For example, if it is 6 pm PT (US Pacific), it is 9 pm ET (US Eastern), 2 am in London, 3 am in Rome, 4 am in Turkey, and 1 pm in Sydney.

Also remember that, because of work schedules and time zone differences, you may occasionally have to play at a slightly inconvenient time.

Here is a bad scheduling email: "I am in the Zone every day, ZM me."

Here is a good scheduling email: "I am usually on the Zone from 10 am to 1 pm PT on weekdays and 3 am to 9 am on weekends. If you are available, letís play at noon on Wednesday, or else 9 am on Saturday."

If you do not get a reply from an opponent within 2-3 days, write the opponent at least one more time. The more times you write your opponent, the more likely you will get a Forfeit Win if your opponent does not reply.

3. At the end of the month:

We review all the scheduling emails sent by players who still have unplayed matches. We award forfeits based on these emails, and nothing else. We look to see which player was more prompt, more clear in saying when they could play, more persistent in trying to schedule, and more flexible in making time.

Please understand that just because you write does not mean you will get a forfeit win. If you wait until the very last week to send your scheduling emails, or send emails that just say "We have a match to play, look for me on the Zone." you will probably not be given a Forfeit Win.

4. If for some reason you cannot finish the month, please write to us and tell us you must withdraw. Withdrawing will cause problems for the tournament, but not as much as if you don't tell us right away.

5. We expect you to read and understand these rules, and to follow them. Please do your best to help make the Escalera much more fun for everyone 

Thank you for reading this, and thanks for playing in the GammonZone Escalera Tournament!

Best wishes,

The GammonZone Team