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Today is Wednesday , 1/23/2019


GammonZone is now running tournaments at 
Safe Harbor Games

The Crystal Cup Championship has begun.  Good Dice to all of the 203
players who are helping GammonZone celebrate
our 12th Anniversary!!

Better Backgammon Symposium News

If you are reading this then you already know and if you arenít reading this then this information is critical for you. GammonZone is at Safe Harbor Games (SHG) in the GammonZone room (TR 10). How do I get there you might query?

But I hate signing up at a whole new site you say! Itís so hard and I have to do so much typing and they ask so many questions and it never works and no one ever helps and Saturdays I play golf or knit and my favorite TV show (T J Hooker) is running a retrospective all day andÖWell, Iím hear to tell you the SHG crew is most helpful, there havenít been any problems yet, very few questions are asked ergo little typing required, itís going to rain today and you need a new skein, the Hooker retro has been replaced by reruns of The Brady Bunch and if you donít sign up, you will miss the GammonZone symposium.

YUP! Itís going to be one of our best with wuffers and his cat ganging up against LAT_Ronald in our brand new site. The tables have no gum or stains on them, yet, are all nice and shinely and sparkely, the usual gang will be there and your most major concern will be addressed. There will be symerating; pipper will pipperate, kibbers will kibberate, wheel-wheelerate, whomever will whomeverate. You WILL learn from two of GammonZone's best players.

We are looking forward to our new site with many new features like: everyone can get a match log, you can kib many games at one time, there is a friends list, and when you lose a game a pirate goes ARGH. We hope to sea all of you at 6 am, PT to kick off the Symposium and our new home.


Read about Life Masters here

   Read about how a SuperFlight works here!

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Upcoming Events

in the GammonZone Room at Safe Harbor Games

Tournament of

June 27
1 pm PT

full schedule here

Wednesday ,  1/23/2019

8 am  7 pts 4 pm  7 pts
10 am  3 pts 6 pm  3 pts  

Thursday ,  1/24/2019

Better Backgammon Symposium
Sunday, 6 am PT

8 am  SuperFlight 
(if  48 players)
4 pm  7 pts
8 am  7 pts 6 pm  3 pts  
10 am  3 pts  

Friday ,  1/25/2019

  2 am  3 pts 4 pm  7 pts
10 am  3 pts 6 pm  3 pts
  8 pm  3 pts

Saturday ,  1/26/2019

10 am  3 pts 4 pm  7 pts
  6 pm  3 pts
  8 pm  3 pts

Sunday ,  1/26/2019

  2 am  3 pts 4 pm  7 pts
10 am  3 pts 6 pm  3 pts

Tournament of

Oct 19
12 noon PT


Oct 25
12 noon PT